Alfont is a freetype wrapper for use with allegro.

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alspc is a SPC playback library for allegro. You can use it to play your favourite SNES music in your own programs.

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changes since version 0.9: made the lib compatible with legacy C, so you can use it in C only projects

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This program is just a small demo that displays fireworks above a city that is reflected in a lake. I might turn it into a screensaver later.

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Fole & Raul go bananas

This is our speedhack 2006 entry.

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Hexagon is a board game that I wrote for a national programming contest (I didn't win). Each turn you can either let one of your pieces jump or put a new piece next to one of your pieces. All pieces of the opponent surrounding your piece are changed to your color. You can play against the computer or against another player.

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Dr. Higgins

Dr. Higgins is a vocabulary learning tool. I've started writing this tool back when I was doing my internship in Finland. The idea was to have a nice tool to teach me some finnish. Since finnish is impossible, I didn't actually learn it very well, but I did continue to improve this vocabulary tool over the years and now you can try it out for yourself.

How it works: When you

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Laundry Day

Oh no! It's laundry day at bananas manor, but the laundry machine is going horribly awry!

This is our entry for the TINS 2012 Competition

How to play:

After the intro sequence, you get the level select screen, where you can choose one of four levels (a.k.a. laundry machines).

The last level is disabled until you have finished the first three.

The default key bindings are

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Magic Maze

Magic Maze is a great puzzle game for 1 to 4 players. The goal is to find treasures in a maze as quickly as possible. But there is a difficulty: the walls of the maze are not fixed. Can you alter the maze so you get a passage to your treasure? Or does the maze beat you and blocks your way? Play it alone, with friends or against the computer.

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This is a simple demo that displays the beatiful Mandelbrot set. It is a mathematical function that can be used to create stunning fractal images.

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Mars is my entry for the 2003 TINS competition. This game was made in a single weekend. The game is a side scrolling space shooter. The earth has sent brightly colored jellies to invade mars. You are a martian trying to defend your planet. You are equipped with a high-speed flying saucer with molecule blaster. You start with a simple Helium cannon but during the game you'll find powerups for m

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Quetzalraulcoatl (in Nahuatl "feathered monkey serpent") and his often evil brother Tezcatlifolepoca (in Nahuatl "smoking cat mirror") were two gods in the Mexica empire, later also gods of the Aztecs. They represent the dual nature of the universe. Quetzalraulcoatl symbolizes creation and Tezcatlifilepoca destruction.

In Tenochtitlan, capricious god Tezcatlifolepoca wants the Fifth

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In October 2000 I started a project to write a simple game using the allegro game programming library and C++. By now, the game has sound (a bit boring music, that needs improving), enemies  that can react on the player, three levels, and more. The game engine can handle all necessary things. Now the time is coming to focus on graphics and a game story. If anyone is interested in helping

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"Tegel" is an add-on for Allegro for drawing and handling layered tilemaps. The package contains an editor and a playback library in C. There is support for multiple layers, rotated and/or animated tilemaps.

  • Layered tilemaps
  • Special drawing modes: mode 7, rotated tilemaps
  • Extensive documentation
  • Several easy examples
  • uses A

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As every other beginning game programmer, I have written a tetris clone. It was written in Turbo Pascal. It might not work under windows NT / 2000 / XP.

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Xelda is a game I did for the TINS Competition 2005. The first version of the game was written in only 72 hours, but already it had a decent 15 minutes worth of gameplay. It is intended to be a funny parody of Zelda games, and people tell me that it got a few laughs out of them. That is probably why it got shared first place in the genre category of the TINS competition.

In the game

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Dressing up is a lot of work for Ayumi. She owns a beautiful walk-in closet with lots of clothes, but it's a dangerous mess of boxes stacked sky-high and vicious spiders are ready to attack!

Help Ayumi with the morning chore of picking the right clothes to wear for the day. But do make sure you pick a matching set of clothes!

How to play:

Enter the closet, and pick up clothes. Jus

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Welcome to B.U.N!

This game is a text-based bunny simulator. The game is a bit like a build-your-own-adventure book. There are bits of story, with choices in between. You must make the right choice, taking into account your knowledge of bunny-care.

To play, you only need to press up / down to choose a response. When you've chosen, just press enter.

Have Fun!

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