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Food Chain Farm

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Food Chain Farm is a construction game in a farm environment, with a tinge of biology education.

In the beginning, you see a pig, floating in a box in space. It needs food and oxygen to survive. Besides it, there is an apple tree, also inside a box. Connect the two boxes and transport apples and oxygen to the pig. At the same time, bring water and carbondioxide back to the tree. Thus, you form a sustainable loop. Animals and plants living together, each producing what the other needs.

Over the course of the game, you build more and more complicated networks, connecting plants and animals. In later levels you bake farm products into pizza, or apple pies, to satisfy the desire of feckless humans.

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Other versions and platforms:

OS Version Link
windows 0.6 early access (Dec 2021) Installer for Windows
linux 0.6 early access (Dec 2021) Linux tar archive
windows 0.6 early access (Dec 2021) Windows zip